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Give Your Home Some Shine

Reliable house cleaning professionals serving all Fairfield County and surroundings.
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Why Choose Us?

Provides all Cleaning supplies
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Available Weekdays & Evenings 
Woman with Cleaning Supplies

"Milla and the team at Saqueli's do an excellent job! I have a large house with a messy husband and two dogs. We have cleaning every other week, and the house is always spotless when Milla and her team are finished. They work quickly and efficiently, and Milla is really flexible when it comes to scheduling. Communication with Saqueli's is always quick and easy, and Milla is a joy to work with. Whether you have a large house, small apartment, or a business, Saqueli is a great choice for all of your cleaning needs. I highly recommend them if you are looking for housekeeping services!"

                                                               Adam J.

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